Proactive Tax Planning

Suppose changing to a CPA Advisory Firm specializing in proactive tax planning could literally save you thousands of dollars in taxes and help you make better financial decisions?

What if your taxes simply need a better foundation?

Most accountants do a fine job of filing tax returns, getting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But then they call it a day. The real secret to managing taxes is planning.  We bring joy to our clients with proactive tax planning.

Right now, the news is full of articles explaining how the new tax laws {Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018} may or may not save you money. But we know there’s more to that whole discussion.

Most reporters – and even most accountants – will focus most of the time and energy on what the new law does. But we want to focus on what opportunities the new law creates – and how we can use proactive planning to make the most of those new opportunities for our clients.

If you are a business owner and are in need of someone to do more than just file your return then give us a call.